Hydro Excavation is the process of utilizing pressurized water to blast away dirt, rocks and other debris to expose pipelines and simultaneously transfer that slurry away utilizing a vacuum truck. The benefit of using this method of excavation is increased safety, less destruction and improved cost effectiveness. Employing this methodology for your maintenance reduces the risks for any damage or punctures in the pipes thereby eliminating expensive repairs.  It also provides for an accurate, more expedient, non-destructive means of excavation. In addition, because this method is so precise the safety of the workers increases.

Locate utilities 
Support for directional drilling​



Our well-maintained modern fleet of wet and dry vacuum trucks along with our exceptional personnel enable us to provide a precise, customized product for your cleaning needs. We work in a variety of environments ranging from municipal sewer lines to chemical and manufacturing plants. We have the ability to simultaneously excavate and vacuum while dumping directly into a roll off. Also, our industrial dry vacuum trucks are equipped with HEPA filtration units to provide for dust free vacuuming.




Floor drains




Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Spills

Elevator remediation

Oil water separators

Sludge control​




Dry well pump/pump station cleaning

Small diameter floor drains

Catch basin cleaning


Landfill leachate lines

Drain line jetting 2500-40000 psi

Aggressive concrete and scale removal

Root cutting / removal

Chemical process pipes

Our highly knowledgeable staff has the resources, training, and experience necessary to safely and thoroughly rid your pipes, regardless of diameter--small diameter (1-3 inch) floor drains are our specialty-- from blockages. By maintaining your pipes you will restore proper function by increasing flow and decreasing flooding and backups. Additionally, we perform sump cleaning, video inspection, and reclamation. Precision Industrial Maintenance has successfully reclaimed well riser sumps from depths of 100’ below grade.



Our state of the art remotely operated cameras can be used in any size pipe to clearly identify problems. Our technicians are experts at analyzing the video and providing you with the options and solutions you need.  Should your pipe need to be rehabilitated we are a leading installer of various structural epoxy lining options. We have installed lining in the most corrosive chemical lines and in nonhazardous situations all with a no-dig technology.



Storm drains




Colleges and universities

Water Main

Chemical process pipes

Small diameter floor drains

Click here to learn more about the lining options offered by Precision Group’s, Precision Trenchless LLC.



Every facility needs to maintain their buildings infrastructure, whether you are a college, a hospital or a manufacturing plant, you all need to manage your pipes. Pipes cannot always be easily replaced in which case a steam cured fiberglass epoxy liner might be just the solution you need. It’s structural and can handle pressure. The resins can be modified for your particular utilization enabling them to be used in anything from food to high temperature corrosive chemical applications. The material is flexible and can handle transitions in pipe diameter, Y’s elbows, and bends, and is effective in spot repairs. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in finding the best solution for your next project.



Click here to learn more about the lining options offered by Precision Group’s, Precision Trenchless LLC.


We are here to maintain optimal production in your facility by eliminating costly downtime. We can provide you with peace of mind by offering worry-free inspections, emergency prevention and a workplace that functions at optimum capacity. We provide a wide range of industrial equipment cleaning services. We have the ability to select the right application for your cleaning needs with our 10K, 20K or 40K psi hydro blasting options. 



Industrial cleaning

Plant shutdown services

Tank cleaning

Pipe cleaning

Cooling tower cleaning


Click here to learn about lead and asbestos abatement with Precision Group's Martin Environmental 



PIM has a variety of options available to handle your bulk and non-bulk waste including laboratory waste disposal. We have relationships with a wide range of disposal facilities and can easily select the correct facility for your waste disposal. We work with recycling, treatment, incineration, retort, blending or landfills for disposal. We possess the skills to sample/ test and identify chemicals; we sort them accordingly and handle all aspects of removal, transportation, and disposal of all hazardous and non-hazardous materials, paperwork and record keeping.





DOT mass transit

Bulk terminals

Service stations

Manufacturing facilities

Soil Remediation



Residential and Commercial.  From water to chemical we provide complete tank inspections and analytic services. Our employees are trained for confined space entry for the cleaning of oil/water separators, fuel oil tanks, sludge pits, and chemical tanks. We can test, clean and dispose of tanks while simultaneously excavating and disposing of contaminated soil.


We can safely and reliably manage your excess water with pumps, frac tanks, and absorption tanks to treat contaminated water. Additionally, we can provide bypass services.

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